Wednesday, October 3, 2012

where do i stand?

people often say that medicine is not an easy course. i for one, agree with such statement. however, this did not deter me from taking up the course. maybe im up for the challenge or maybe i was being too over confident with myself. thinking that it was just another examination another study that i had to go through.

the past few months however has proven me wrong. i no longer wanted to be student who scored just good enough to stayed on the course. the course has turned out to be something rather personal to me. id always say that the main reason im in medicine was because of my mother. id ditch anatomy anytime for a feel of the law field. that where my true heart lies. or so i say.

however, being for almost a year in monash and a year doing medicine, it sure does prove that you cant just have the brains for memorizing the facts, u have to have the passion to love it as well. love every single bit of it. then, ud know what it really feels like to be able to the person who will one day save so many lives.

id suppose my asian side has always made me feel a bit shy and constantly apologizing on every single thing that i do. However, after today's hospital visit, i realised that that was not good enough. if i were to ever become a doctor one day, id remember to look back and be reminded of the words of one patient that i met today. her words were simple yet meaningful. she said "its okay, you have to practiceto be a good doctor. dont be sorry. you have to go on, and be strong and firm about it." and then it hit me, this patient had so much faith in me, she trusts me enough to know that i am able to be a better person and a better doctor, if only i allowed myself to be one.

so hence, the question that i asked myself while walking home just now, so how much do i wanted this? how badly do i want this? and if its that bad, why not go and get it? hell it, no one's gonna help you get there unless you work your ass.

so now, today onwards, i know where i stand. do you?

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  1. fight your fears, and fight for what you believe is right. know that you can achieve when you set your mind to it.