Tuesday, October 25, 2011

why dont you work?

so the thing is, ive been on a post-ib-but-8-months-long vacation since may as my next flight out of this country comes in february. ( one of the not-so-perks of going to australia ) but other than that, life has been owh-so-awesome. yes, im not even kidding.

but rather, it gets to my nerves that people has endlessly been asking me what have i been doing for the past 5 months and what am i going to do for the next 3 months. seriously, get of my back people. -_____-" i'll have you know that i do not intend to become a potato couch for the rest of the holiday, so yes, i have been doing stuff. and up until now, my iPod's calendar is the living proof that everyday brings a new errand or getaway vacation for me. so yes, that was what i have been doing EVERYDAY for the last 5 months. so please, do not ask me why i'm not working.

i have this mentality that i'll be working every second of everyday of my life when i start to work ( yes, more not so awesome facts on being a doctor ), so why bother to work now? i'm dedicating my 8 months of free time especially for my family and friends ( the ones that have flew away and the ones that are still here :) )

so, here's cheers for the next 3 months of holiday.

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