Sunday, May 20, 2012

new life.

i must say living in clayton has its ups and downs.

but i love it here. everything is much more interesting and being the only malay in the 300 ++ cohort of over competitive and brilliant med kids it mind challenging. but i guess ill just figure out a way around.

exams are around the corner and hopefully i'll get around my studies till then. there's so much to catch up with. T.T

so far, ive realised karma has a weird way to get around my mind. somehow, since coming here, ive realised taht my english isnt as fluent as i though it was. not that it was any fluent anyways. -,- but ive never had a problem trying to express myself before. being here, it made me realise that im just that dumb, and somehow ive become those people who looks like they have no opinion in class. :( ive always wondered how come people dont like to say anything in class before, but now i know how it feels like to be THAT person. :'(

hoping for better days to come. insyaAllah.

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