Saturday, May 26, 2012

whats on my mind?

how do you explain a feeling thats not meant to be expressed? *some random thought.

so, its like 3 weeks to going back to malaysia and i can barely contain my excitement. :D i miss malaysian food so badly and the preparation to the wedding would be oh-so-exciting :) hopefully i'll be able to lose as much weight before flying off. -,- dear lemak, pergi main jauh2 please.

however, the exams would be coming before that and im not sure if my mental state is registering that. i just kept on flying off back to malaysia in my mind and cant really properly focus on my studies. *slaps own self. better get my PHANG mood .i will sprint all the way to the end and finish strong. jyeah! :) hopefully my end of semester exams are a bit better than my mid sem :/ hopefully.

so yesterday, we welcome a new family member to the family. our very own little wan mohd faris wan mohd firdaus :) he's adorable that one. im sure. thats all id like to say.

so, what's really on my mind? friends, food, and malaysia :(

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